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"A man who seeks truth and loves it must be reckoned precious to any human society."

- Frederick the Great

Friday 7 February 2014

"Night Music" available soon on Amazon Kindle

I had intended to publish the first volume of my autobiography, Memoirs of an Eighteenth Century Werewolf, some time ago. Unfortunately, MI6 had other plans and sent me to the godforsaken steppes of Central Asia looking for plutonium smugglers. That's the second hardship assignment in a row, after that bit with the drug lords in Mexico. I'm beginning to think that they are trying to force me into retirement.

Since there is not much night-life in Kazakhstan, I did manage to accomplish a fair amount of writing and was able to get everything nearly ready for publication. It just needed a little editorial magic from my human friend Brian. He has not been particularly well recently – humans are so fragile – so everything has taken longer than expected.  

“Night Music” – the title he chose for Volume 1 – is now in the works at Amazon, so it should be available soon for Kindle, Android, PC, Mac, iPhone & iPad! Keep watching this space.

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